AR Gun Builder

ArmaLite Riffle(AR Gun Builder)

ArmaLite is an American based company that engineers small arms. It was founded in 1954 in Hollywood, California, by Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation. Strategic Armory Corps currently own the company, and its headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

ArmaLite is known for its prolific firearms, the AR-10s, and AR-15s, among other AR platform firearms and accessories. Armalite has been in the gun industry for over six decades with multiple new products and innovations.

A strong commitment to manufacturing, assembling, and promoting top-notch small arms and gun products to law enforcement agencies, civilians, and military markets contribute to Armalite’s prominence in the firearm industry.  ArmaLite has an excellent reputation for producing reliable and high performing firearms.

AR Gun Models

What is an AR-gun? The “AR” stands for ArmaLite Rifle. Therefore, an AR gun is a gun manufactured and designed by ArmaLite Company. Contrary to what many people incorrectly refer to as an “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle”.

Which gun models does ArmaLite manufacture and design? The ARs are among the series of guns made by the company mentioned above. Below is a list of their gun models in the market.

AR-5 This model is commonly referred to as the Aircrew Survival Weapon. The AR-5 uses the .22 Hornet cartridge. The gun is made of aluminum and synthetic material and applies the bolt action mechanism.

AR-7 Gun Builder


Commonly known as the Explorer and chambered for .22 long rifle ammunition. It’s a semiautomatic rifle designed as a takedown survival weapon.

AR-10 Gun Builder


AR-10 chambers the 7.62x51mm NATO and .308 Winchester. The AR_10 is designed as a lightweight gun specifically for battle purposes.

AR-15 Gun Builder


This model is a semiautomatic rifle that uses the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. It is also referred to as “The Black Rifle.” It gave birth to the M16 version used by the U.S military

AR-18 Gun Builder


It features a simple design chambered for a 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. In Northern Ireland, it’s called the “The Widowmaker.” It measures 38 inches.

AR-30 Gun Builder


This gun is chambered for .308 Winchester, .338 Lapua, and .300 Winchester cartridges. Its variant series is the AR-30A1 that also uses the bolt action system.

AR-50 Gun Builder


AR-50 is a single-shot rifle that’s is capable of long ranges. It’s a .50 caliber bolt-action gun chambered for .50BMG.

AR-180 Gun Builder


The AR-180 is a semiautomatic version of the AR-18 rifle. It’s chambered for .5.56x45mm NATO.

AR-15 – The Heart of The Modern Gun DIY Movement

AR Gun Parts

A standard AR gun contains the following sections: The Lower Receiver Parts, The Upper Receiver Parts, The Muzzle device, The grips, and A Magazine.

Components of the Upper Receiver

Components of the Upper Receiver

The Upper Receiver consists of the barrel, bolt carrier group, ejection port cover, rail system/handguard, charging handle, forward assist, gas block, and gas tube.The upper receiver mainly holds and protects most of the components in an AR gun.

Components of the Lower Receiver

Components of the Lower Receiver

The following are the individual components of the lower receiver: buffer/buffer tube, buttstock, trigger groups, magazines, and the lower parts kit (safety selector, magazine catch spring, &button).

Muzzle Devices

Muzzle Devices

The muzzle devices constitute of the following: compensators, muzzle brakes, and flash hiders. These parts are essential in enhancing your shooting.



There are two grips on AR guns. The hand pistol grips and the foregrips. All are meant to enhance stability and accuracy while using your gun. For the foregrips, you can select between the angled or vertical grips depending on what suits you.

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How to Build an AR Gun?

Before building an AR gun, you need to decide on the specific model you intend to build. Also, review what the federal law stipulates about building your own gun. Also, understand the local regulations within your region.

Building an AR gun is a straightforward process that any gun enthusiast can perform. In our case, we shall put together an AR-15 pistol.

Step 1: Purchase all the components of an AR-15 pistol. It will insist on the lower and upper receiver with parts kit, the muzzle devices, magazines, grips, and optics.  While buying these parts, consider your budget.

Step 2: Establish a suitable workspace to carry out your task. Ensure the areas has enough light, and it is clean. Also, as an AR gun builder, wear protective gear for your own safety.

Step 3: You must gather all the necessary tools to help you assemble the parts of the gun. Also, have a guideline whereby you can refer to while making the gun. This guideline will even help you identify some of the unfamiliar parts.

Step 4: You begin the assembling process by installing the Forward Assist components on the upper receiver, i.e., the assist, assist spring, and assist pin.

Step 5: Also, install the Ejection Port Cover on Upper Receiver. It consists of the port cover, port cover pin, port cover snap ring, and port cover spring.

Step 6: Assemble the Bolt Carrier parts. It consists of the bolt, bolt carrier, bolt cam pin, firing pin, and firing pin retaining pin.

Step 7: Fix together the Charging Handle parts. They are the handle latch, handle latch spring, and the handle latch roll pin.

Step 8: Install both the assembled parts of the Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle into the Upper Receiver.

Step 9: Then set in place the Upper Receiver into the Action Block. Also, ensure you tighten it.

Step 10: Fix the Barrel in the Upper Receiver.

Step 11: Place the Outer Receiver Nut and Inner Barrel Retainer Nut on the Barrel Threads. Ensure you have the following components: handguard screws, outer receiver nut, handguard plug screw, and inner barrel retainer nut.

Step 12: Fix the AR-15 Gas Tube and Gas Block together. In case there is difficulty fixing them together, do a small polishing on the inner part of the Gas Block to enhance the smoothness.

Step 13: Then install the handguard of your choice.

Step 14: To conclude this process, you need to install the Upper Receiver Assembly to the Lower Receiver Assembly to make a functional AR-15 pistol.

Step 15: Since it is a pistol, install a brace instead of a stock. Besides, fix angled handgrips to improve stability.

Step 16:  You can decide to customize your AR-15 with the optics of your choice to enhance the performance.

Step 17: Now that you have a complete gun, you need to go to a range and test the performance.

Things to Note As An AR Gun Builder

It is legal to build your own AR gun. Ensure all the nuts and bolts are tightly closed. While building your own gun, you are not limited to apply any “Do it Yourself “(DIY) of your choice. Apply the basics of AR customization that allow you to make different modifications on your gun. Among the things you upgrade in an AR include the pistol grips, barrels, calibers, sights, muzzle devices, braces/buttstocks, etc. As you build your AR gun, do not overlook any laws. You can build an AR gun from individual components or buy the AR-15 80% receiver kit.


The information above is strictly for educational purposes. Follow the above procedures at your own risk. We will not be liable for any injury or accident that might occur while you attempt the above steps. Before attempting anything highlighted in this content, enlighten yourself with the legality of what you intend to do.